New Machine Commissioned


New 3 Axis induction Hardening machine has been commissioned and is in operation in our Perth workshop since August 2013. This is latest addition to our Induction Hardening 'Fleet'.

Power supply is 250 kW, 2-4 kHz. Machine is of our own design and has been built to our specifications. It is equipped with 5 ton capacity CNC table and can take on parts with up to 3

meters in diameter. It can be programmed to induction harden sprockets, gears (spur and helical) in full automatic mode ensuring process repeatability.

As all our projects to date, this one is also completed in cooperation with Induktio.d.o.o.

With this installation 'I&R Pauk IHS' has moved step closer to become leading provider of Induction Hardening services in Australia.