Together with our partners, I & R Pauk IHS can provide a range of different services, including:

  • Design of inductors and part handling machines
  • Expert advice with equipment selection
  • Operator training - saving time and resources

Induction heating equipment

In cooperation with Induktio d.o.o . we are able to design and manufacture induction heating equipment for the applications of hardening, brazing, melting, levitation meltin...
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Induction Hardening

At I & R Pauk IHS we specialise in induction hardening services for a wide range of products. These products include track shoes, shafts, pins, bushes, gears, sprockets...
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Induction Brazing

Brazing services are also provided by I & R Pauk IHS . This includes brazing of Tungsten Carbides for both the mining and agricultural industries.
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