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I & R Pauk IHS

Industry leaders in induction heating, hardening, and brazing

Together with partners ‘Induktio d.o.o.’ (Slovenia) and ‘Kwik Heat Pty Ltd’ (Australia), I & R Pauk IHS was founded in 2005 by Ivan and Romana Pauk. Since then they have created a team of dedicated professionals in the field of induction heating and hardening. Ivan Pauk is a Metallurgist with over 25 years’ experience in the Heat Treatment Industry, who for the last 23 years has specialised exclusively in the field of Induction Hardening.

With a committed team of both Electronic Engineers and Metallurgists on board, I & R Pauk IHS can guarantee that all aspects of the induction heating process are considered. We have developed induction heating/ hardening and brazing technologies for over 300 different applications.

An Experienced Team

Delivering a product that meets both your requirement and our high quality standards

Our customers are important to us and every job is handled with the utmost care. By employing and training quality tradespeople, we can assure that our work is of the highest standard. We work with our customers every step of the way and provide not only the finished product, but customer training and on-going client support.

I&R Pauk IHS is a QAS International registered company and bears a quality assurance certificate. We pride ourselves on delivering a product that meets both your requirement and our standards.

Contact us today for all your induction hardening and heating needs. You will be calling on the best in the industry.

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